Martin Straka

Loan Officer NMLS#: 589189

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25A Hanover Road, First Floor
Florham Park, NJ 07932

About Me

I am a residential mortgage specialist with close to 30 years of experience in helping families with mortgages and financing.

In 1990 I entered the residential mortgage finance industry where I excelled at understanding the unique intricacies of underwriting and the secondary market. The residential mortgage market is extremely complex while at the same time fairly simple, at least as far as the consumer is concerned. I developed an ability to translate the complex terms and requirements of the mortgage industry into easy to understand language through the use of simplified analogies which allow my clients to better understand their options and determine which loan choices would best meet their needs.

I have always used a "Consultative" approach  to working with my clients. I believe that asking many questions about the client's short and long term goals in conjunction with their present needs allows me to give superior service where the consumer is given the information and options available and, with proper understanding, can make the important decisions needed without feeling stressed or pressured.